Social media platforms allow small and large businesses to create and share a wide range of content that helps drive increased traffic to your site and also organically boosts your site’s search engine ranking. Think of a share as a sort of “digital referral” for your business (search engines like this!). Shares can attract new visitors, create leads, and foster a sense of expertise and thought leadership for your organization.

Getting people to share your content can be difficult, since social media platforms are flooded with millions of posts and content each month. It’s one thing to get comments and likes – that’s a gauge of user interest – and other to get shares, which drive reach and engagement.

Importance of Social Media Content Sharing

Getting more shares from your content helps your organization organically grow in countless ways. Here are some of the primary benefits:

  • Increased brand recognition, authority and loyalty
  • Increased opportunities for conversions
  • Increased inbound traffic and organic reach
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Higher SEO rankings
  • Richer customer experience

All of these factors are crucial elements of a successful SEO or content marketing campaign.

Click On – Five Tips for Getting More Shares

People share content they find interesting, useful or emotionally/intellectually compelling. Obviously, creating powerful and impactful social content lies at the heart of getting more shares. Your company doesn’t have to boost its marketing budget to increase its reach through social sharing, though. Here are some easy strategies to put into play that can organically extend the reach of your key content posts.

  1. Re-share. One of the easiest way to get more shares is to internally re-share blog posts and other key pieces of web content. Instead of having the marketing team share a blog just once on your organization’s social media accounts, have them share it several times. Great content can be shared when it first goes live, again in a few days, and once a week for the next month. Re-share the content monthly after that. Re-sharing greatly extends the usefulness and impact of a great piece of content, and it also provides increased opportunities for others to share the content themselves.
  2. Send an e-blast. Sending out an email that promotes your content provides an opportunity for recipients to engage and re-share the content. Getting increased content shares through email newsletters and e-blasts is often an overlooked component of a successful email marketing strategy. MailChimp is one of the most widely used email marketing campaign tools.
  3. Run with the pack. We all have rich networks of business and industry contacts. Agree with several key players to cyclically share each other’s content. You’ll not only broaden your content’s reach but also increase its expose to new audiences and potential influencers.
  4. Paid advertising. Each piece of content generated and posted should be tracked to see how well it’s performing and resonating with viewers. Use paid social media boosting for exceptional content that’s being widely shared to gain even more visibility and exposure.
  5. Make your content easy to share. Encourage shares by embedding social media buttons within your organization’s blog posts or other sharable content. Don’t bury them – they can be placed both at the top and bottom of content. Clicktotweet provides a simple, easy and free widget for readers to share your content via Twitter.

Remember, no matter what strategies your organization tries out, you likely won’t see a significant increase in shares if you don’t have compelling content. Bill Gates got it right when he said, “Content is King.” Businesses often outsource content creation and promotion. Theme has experts in content creation, search and content promotion that can rewrite the story of your organization’s digital marketing efforts and significantly extend its reach.