A University of Warwick Sociology Professor has produced research, which suggests that Twitter is perceived by the populace as being believable, even though it is “an unreliable witness.”

Sociology expert Dr. Eric Jensen noted that there are more than 300 million monthly active users around the globe sharing their thoughts on the social media platform. Twitter data is “particularly alluring” to researchers and the media, he said. However, “there is no evidence that social media content shared on Twitter is a truthful reflection of how its users feel.”

Still, the impact is powerful.

Story Amplify’s Take

“Millions of people rely on Twitter for their news,” said Trey Robinson, Managing Partner of Theme Communications. “While it can be alarming to researchers like Dr. Jenson, we view his opinion and the supporting data for his conclusions as further evidence that Twitter as an enormously powerful tool in the hands of a skilled marketer.”

Dr. Jenson noted that “Twitter users have developed their own unique cultural behavior, conversations and identities, which shape the ways in which they present their views online. Social convention, power relationships and identity influence online conversation just as much as off-line interactions, but in ways that are not yet fully understood.”

He went on to note that “Twitter users present only one side of themselves on social media, shielding their true feelings for good reasons, such as professional reputation. There is clearly a large gap between what people post on social media and how they really feel, but how exactly people manage the relationship between their offline and social media identities is still being uncovered.”

Robinson added that Twitter’s influence “is undeniable,” a truism he has seen supported in countless practical applications at both Fortune 50 companies and startups.