Why should your business use social media marketing? It’s all about the numbers.

Facebook at 14 years old has grown to an eye-popping 2.27 billion monthly active users, with 1.49 billion daily active users across the world. That’s 30 percent of the world’s population using Facebook at least once a month – which is a lot of eyes that could potentially see your message.

A targeted social campaign that incorporates Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social channels should be a part of every new organization’s digital marketing initiatives. Startups and new businesses operating on thin marketing budgets can lean heavily on the power of social media to drive low-cost organic growth.

Here are four ways new – and established – businesses can leverage social to drive growth, build brand awareness, engage and connect with customers, deliver tailored content to targeted audiences, and boost their return on investment.

Tapping Into the Transformative Power of Social Media

Facebook Ads was launched in 2007, and by 2017 Facebook ad revenue reached nearly $40 billion, up from $26.8 billion in 2016. The main reason why the social giant’s ad revenue spiked so much? Because social advertising works. Although social ads are powerful, they aren’t the only weapon in the social arsenal. Here are five reasons why marketers should tap into the transformative power of social:

Social media advertising. Social advertising is inexpensive compared to traditional media outlets such as print, television or radio. That’s important for startups and companies with lean marcomm budgets. Social advertising also differs from traditional advertising because social media ads can target key prospects, which increases conversions and ROI. Ads also can be continually tracked in real time to gauge their effectiveness. Performance tracking allows advertisers to change the thrust of the ad on the fly and potentially increase its reach.

Strengthen Brand Awareness. Savvy businesses know that social is key to building and expanding their brand. Consistent, engaging posts on social sites build brand authority, strengthen brand awareness, and grow the brand’s digital and real-world communities. All content should support the brand’s image and be easily shareable across social platforms. Tools such as BuzzSumo, SproutSocial or SocialAnimal can help marketers identify what types of content perform well and increases their company’s social footprint. Always pay heed to social demographics: Pinterest is favored among female shoppers; LinkedIn is preferred for business-related content; and Instagram is a popular choice among younger adults.

Interact and Engage With Targeted Social Community. In these days of Yelp and Amazon online reviews, it’s rare for any business to survive without excellent customer service – poor service, or bad reviews and experiences are out there for all to see. But social also provides a perfect platform for direct, personalized engagement with customers. Marketers can monitor social conversations about products or brands to gauge customer satisfaction and to connect and strengthen customer relationships. Social can be used to post important messages about upcoming promotions, specials or discounts, as well as to address key customer concerns. Marketers who use social to provide feedback and glean insight into customer sentiment can actually turn those customers into brand advocates and brand loyalists through a targeted, thoughtful and engaging approach to social comments and customer service.

Increased inbound traffic and conversions. Incoming clicks derived from social media traffic are digital gold since they usually come from a highly-targeted customer base that already is familiar with your company’s products and brand. That kind of web traffic leads to higher conversions. All social content should be geared toward driving website traffic. Marketers can track social posts to identify the types of content that generate the most traffic and shamelessly replicate those efforts to rev up site visits.

Billions of potential customers use social every day. Tapping the power of social media can help new businesses increase their visibility with customers, reach a wider audience, drive growth, boost brand awareness, and directly engage customers, all of which leads to greater conversions and ROI.