The amount of content being generated today is, simply put, overwhelming.

This truism puts the onus on the creators of such content to write compelling copy that does not waste a reader’s time. Fortunately, there are plenty of good journalists and writers who can deliver on that promise. Undiscovered no more, they find a platform in everything from the New York Times to tiny blogs that seemingly report on a sliver of Corporate America to a loyal audience.

This blog had a similar endeavor. It is designed to report on the ever-changing content creation industry as well as how that content can be better delivered to a larger, yet more focused audience through social media as well as the “search process” on the Internet.

In these pages, we‘ll report on industry developments and research in both areas – content creation and content marketing. You’ll also hear, from time to time, from our managing partner – Trey Robinson – along with some of our practice heads. All parties have lived in the space for years and believe it is their professional calling to share their knowledge and help other harness the art of leveraging these dynamic areas of business.